Transgender People

Imhealthist | Sunday 15th of May 2016 12:28:23 AM


Transgender people are those whose behavior or identity or the way they communicate with others do not match with their gender or with the sex when they were born. For example, someone may be a male by birth but when he does not believe in his sex and behaves like a female and he strongly believes in it, then he is a transgender person. They actually think they are in a wrong body as they want to match their body with their inner sense of the gender they believe in.

Transwomen and Transmen:

Transwomen are transgender persons, who are male by birth, but like to identify and show themselves as women. This is actually a male to female (MTF) transition. Similarly, Transmen are female by birth, but would like to identify and sternly believe that they belong to the other gender. This is actually female to male (FTM) transition.


Transition is the process where transgender people start living with the gender they completely believe in and not with the sex they were born. It is not necessary that all transgender people opt for surgery or hormone therapy. Some people may just go for hormone therapy and not surgery, because of the cost involved or other reasons. Sex- reassignment is entirely their choice. They may opt for surgery when they want to match the body with the gender they believe in and look real. As per the present medical scenario, sex re-assignment surgery is an irreversible process.  

Gender identity and sexual orientation are not same:

Gender identity is how a person identifies a gender he/she believes in and not with the sex they were born. Sexual orientation is how a person is attracted to other person, which may be physical, emotional, or romantic.  They need not be confused with lesbian, gay or bi-sexual.  There is a community called LGBT –Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender. According to their sexual-orientation, they can be attracted to anyone.

Discriminations faced by transgender people:

People generally think they have mental disorders, but this is not true, as they are absolutely confident with their inner feelings of their gender. They are just worried about the acceptance level of the society they live in. That is another reason for attempting suicide as they are scared to come out as a transgender person.

            Bullying, harassment, assault, getting fired from the job or even murders are the problems faced by them. Even the health care insurance providers do not compensate them for the transition surgeries. They become homeless when their own family rejects them or denied of shelter by others.

Things we can do for transgender people:

  • Firstly let us treat them as another human being.
  • Let us support them emotionally by respecting their decision.
  • Address them with their chosen name and gender pronoun.
  • They should not be discriminated in workplaces, educational institutions, and public places.
  • We can support the organizations in the ways possible who strive for betterment of LGBT community.