Health Benefits from Yoga

Imhealthist | Sunday 20th of September 2015 11:25:20 AM


Yoga is a form of physical activity which helps in improving our mental and physical health. The Sanskrit meaning of yoga is “to join” or “to unite”.  Evidence says yoga was practiced thousands of years ago. Ever since yoga was introduced in the west, it has gained popularity and people practice it with dedication and diligence. To emphasize the importance of practicing yoga, June 21st has been declared as INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY by UN general assembly.

Who Can Practice Yoga?

  • Men, women, and kids can practice yoga.
  • Age or flexibility should not be a detrimental factor. Yoga never pushes a person beyond his ability.
  • Yoga can be practiced by anyone who wants to improve his health or who wants to have a healthy mind.
  • Yoga is always done at a moderate speed with perfect breathing technique. When exercises like aerobics or brisk walking are not viable, yoga is the best option. 

Yoga and Its Health Benefits

            The beauty of yoga lies in its harmony between mind and body. Yoga involves doing exercises in correct postures and breathing. This improves coordination and results in overall health benefits.  The different kinds of yoga poses are called Asanas. Yoga practice also includes meditation and pranayama. Pranayama is a breathing technique exercise which requires proper guidance from a yoga teacher. It is better to get trained not only pranayama but also other asanas and meditation techniques from a yoga guru or teacher.

            Yoga can be used as a holistic way to treat medical ailments. Though it cannot cure some serious illness, combining yoga with medical treatment can do wonders. All persons across different age groups can perform asana according to their need or that suits them.

            People may fret about flexibility as they might have seen difficult postures in videos or in magazines. People interested in starting yoga practice need not push themselves too hard to attain the postures. During initial stages, they can just start with their ability and capability to attain a certain pose. After regular practice, flexibility will be achieved at ease.

Physical Health Benefits 

  • Improves flexibility and strengthens muscles that help in alleviating neck, back and shoulder pain and also helps in easy joint movements.
  • As yoga involves different asanas, it helps in maintaining correct postures of routine activities like bending, sitting, and standing postures.
  • There are asanas that specifically helps in bone improvement and makes bone strong.
  • Keeps heart healthy and keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay.
  • Maintains blood pressure level. With constant yoga practice and healthy lifestyle, blood pressure can be reduced if it had been high.
  • Yoga makes lungs stronger to tackle allergies and helps in improving the breathing problems faced by asthma patients. Pranayama breathing techniques specifically helps in making lungs strong.
  • Digestive system in body is improved and prevents irritable bowel syndrome as the reasons may be attributed to stress. Here both physical health and mental benefit are achieved.
  • Decreases fatigue and improves energy and focus.
  • Removes toxins from body and helps in weight loss.
  • Immunity system in body is increased efficiently to fight against virus and bacteria that attacks our body.

Mental Health Benefits

  • As yoga postures are attained in moderate speed and done steadily, it improves our focus and concentration.
  • The very basic meaning of yoga is to unite. Coordination of each step to achieve balance in the asanas helps to build self confidence.
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression are associated with mental health problems. Meditation in yoga practice helps in alleviating these problems by calming our senses.
  • Sleeping disorders are reduced. People who practice yoga regularly sleep better.
  • Yoga helps in following a disciplined pattern of lifestyle that also includes selecting a right choice of food apart from being a good human being.

Equipment’s Required for Yoga

      No fancy equipments are required for practicing yoga. Just a yoga mat or any other simple spread with floor space for stretching and bending is enough.  With proper guidance and techniques yoga can do magic in our health.