Advantage of Weight Training

Imhealthist | Sunday 20th of September 2015 11:25:20 AM


Weight training, also referred as strength training mainly targets the muscles. It strengthens the muscles by using various fitness equipments. Weight training exercises should be done under proper guidance as various equipments like machines and free weights are used.  Weight training can be performed by common people to sports person for muscle strength, endurance and for toning of muscles.

Why Weight Training

  • This is strength training - The muscle size is increased with strength.
  • Weight training is good for bones - Bone density is increased.
  • Lose weight – Boosts the metabolism.
  • To keep heart healthy - Health is improved by normal levels of cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Burns extra calories – Need of the hour for obese and diabetic patients.
  • Spending 20-30 minutes for 2 to 3 days a week is enough to see results. 

How to Prepare Yourself

  • Proper diet is essential. Starving or consuming fewer calories actually does more harm than any benefit.
  • Weight training requires more energy and strength. So, a proper diet with lots of protein to build muscle is necessary. Junk and processed foods should be strictly avoided.
  • A warm up session of 5 – 10 minutes before the start of training exercises is a good practice. Warming up the body reduces probability of injury during workout.
  • Breathing techniques while workouts are very important to ensure smooth flow of oxygen. Holding the breath during workouts is absolutely not good.
  • Lifting weights should be done in proper postures to avoid injuries. 

Equipments Used for Weight Training

 Free weights, benches and machines are usually used for weight training workouts. 

  • Free weight includes dumbbells, curl bar, tricep bar and bar bells.
  • Benches like flat, incline, abdominal, hyper extension, and preacher are used.
  • Leg press, hack squat, leg extension, leg curl, leg adduction and abduction, seated and standing calf, pec deck and lat pull down are some of the machines that are used for strength training work outs.

Resistance bands and stability balls are also used for weight training exercises.

Reps and Sets

            Reps and sets are some of the jargons used in weight training. Number of repetitions that can be done per set of exercise is called reps. For instance, if a work out is done continuously for 15 times, then it is called 15 reps in a single set. If is continued for another 15 times with a rest of few seconds (the rest time depends on the intensity), it is considered as another set.

Weight Training for Women                 

            Weight training can be done both by men and women. Every woman’s dream of a lean body with toned muscle can be easily achieved by weight training. It is a misconception that strength training is not suitable for women. They wrongly presume that after weight training, their body may resemble that of a body builder. Although there are women bodybuilders, the training objectives and methodologies are entirely different. So it is just a myth that women should not opt for weight training. It is actually beneficial for women as it boosts the metabolism, build muscle mass and bone density. As a matter of fact, reduction in bone density is one of the major problems women face while they enter their middle age. No wonder, weight training comes as rescue for this problem.

            A short term objective to shed some pound of weight should not be the goal. The long term goal should be to regain the health. This can be achieved by dedication and continuous efforts.