How to Get Rid of Stress

Imhealthist | Sunday 20th of September 2015 11:25:20 AM


In our day-to-day life, we face many challenges. It is quite common for a hard working person to be under pressure so as to overcome these challenges and succeed. Every individual would have felt stress at one point or other during their life time. As a matter of fact, stress can really motivate a person to perform better. If a person can cope up with a high pressure situation, then leading a normal life should not be a problem. The problem arises when a person fails to address the excessive stress or a problem while responding to the demanding environment. At this juncture, an imbalance between mind and body gets created and paves way for severe health issues. These health issues are not only restricted to mind but also affect physically and impairs the functionality of organs.


  • Increased or rapid heart beat
  • Muscle tension
  • Unable to sleep properly
  • Irritability and short tempered
  • Anxiety
  • Headache and stomach upset
  • Not able to focus on a particular job
  • High blood pressure
  • Being restless or nervous
  • Dizziness
  • Frustration

These are some of the indicators of being stressed. In addition to the above symptoms, a person may be under stress if

  • A person  gets detached himself / herself from normal activities
  • Does  not have proper relationships with family members or friends
  • Does not perform well at work place

Stress is the root cause of depression and anxiety. When overlooked at initial stage, it may lead to severe mental illness like OCD, depression, anxiety disorders. Moreover, physical health can also be affected and cause heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive problems, weight management problems, and also autoimmune diseases.

Reasons for Stress

            Problems in personal relationships with family or friends, any major life changing events, divorce, change of job, being jobless, accidents, witness of assault, domestic violence, natural disaster and post-traumatic stress are some of the major reasons of stress.

How to Manage?                                                                                        

            Some of the self measures that can be taken to restrict stress level are:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Discuss about the problems to the person you are emotionally dependent
  • Sleep well
  • Follow a hobby that makes you stress free.
  • Listen to some good music
  • Be practical in taking responsibilities, overburdening may cause stress
  • Notice the symptoms of stress to tackle it.
  • Avoid smoking and substance abuse. These habits will not alleviate the problem instead this will aggravate health issues.
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Learn relaxation techniques or try aromatherapy to reduce stress levels
  • Intake of healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet can improve mental and physical health.

Inability of a person to manage stress levels is a serious issue and if left untreated, it may lead to mental disorder. Hence seeking the professional help from psychiatrist for in-depth analysis of the problem is very important. Stress can be treated through psycho therapy or by medications like anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medicines.