Best Way To Do Make Up

Imhealthist | Sunday 20th of September 2015 11:25:20 AM


Makeup is done to enhance our beauty and appearance. Makeup is done with the help of cosmetics that are available in the market. Market is flooded with various brands of cosmetics and huge types to choose from. From herbal to organic, water based to mineral, gel to cream, solid to liquid form of cosmetics and what not… everything is available for us to choose from. Make up product includes cleansers, scrubs, toners, moisturizers, foundation creams, concealers, and lipsticks, eye products like kajal, liners, shades, and nail polishes.

            To avoid allergies or other problems, skin type is factored as one of the important criteria for selection of makeup. Most of the well-known brands produce variants of cosmetics to suit each skin type. The wrapper of their product clearly indicates the suitability of skin type and thus makes it easy to select.

Face Make Up in Five Steps

  1. Any make-up is started with cleansing. After cleaning the face, moisturizer should be applied. It is better if the moisturizer has sun protection factor to protect the skin.
  2. Suitable concealer to conceal blemishes, spots, and under eye dark circles should be selected. Concealer should be applied only with a fine tip brush and rubbed evenly and softly with ring finger. Care should be taken to apply the concealer only on the problem spot and not on the whole face.
  3. After concealing the blemishes, a foundation is evenly applied on the face. Foundation comes in different shades and forms like liquid, cream or in powder. Foundation should be chosen such that it blends with the color of the skin.
  4. Again a concealer may come handy if some blemishes refuse to disappear. A final touch on the stubborn spot will help to get that flawless look. Few make-up experts claim that it is always better to use concealer after foundation cream. Finally set the foundation with compact powder. This especially helps for people who have oily skin.
  5. Finally, contours and highlighters are used to have vibrant look and also to camouflage the problem areas on the face. 

Make-Up for Eyes in Five Steps

  1. Face should be cleansed prior to an eye-make up. Subsequently, a concealer is applied to cover under-eye dark circles, if any. To help the eye shadow to stay on its place and to smooth the skin, a base eye shadow primer over the lid is applied.
  2. Select an eye shadow shade that is best suited and start applying with the help of a brush. If usage of two shades is desired, the lighter shade is applied on the lids and the darker shade above the lid on the brow bone area. To have a better look, these two shades may be slightly blended.
  3. Line the eyes with eyeliner to accentuate the eyes. Eyeliner with smudge free, long lasting and water proof variants are available and selection is purely a personal choice. After lining, the eyebrow pencil is used on the eyebrows.
  4. If necessary, an eyelash curler can be used to curl the lashes. For better curls, place the eyelash curler for few seconds and then release.
  5. The final step would be the application of good brand mascara on the eyelashes to complete the look. Mascara can be applied both on upper and lower lashes. If darker lashes are required, than another coat is applied. 
Make Up for Your Lips

  1. Prepare the lips by exfoliating with a scrub. Scrubbing helps to remove dryness and flakiness on the lips.
  2. Select a lipstick that matches the skin complexion and texture.
  3. Apply lip balm on the lips before applying a lipstick as it helps to stay longer.
  4. To add definition to lips, outline them with a lip liner. The shade of the lip liner should match with the shade of the chosen lipstick.
  5. Line the lips from outside to middle by following the shape of lip.
  6. Apply the chosen lipstick on the lips between the lines of the lip liner.
  7. Start applying from centre and finish by filling the lips properly.
  8. Lip gloss can be applied to have extra shine on the lips.
  9. Excess lipstick applied should be removed with the help of a tissue.