How to Keep Children Health

Imhealthist | Saturday 21st of November 2015 10:34:20 AM


All parents try to give their best to bring up the child with good physical and mental health. They try to offer the child best food, good environment to play & learn and of course also ensure the necessary rest. With different milestones defined for each stage of a child’s growth, it is possible to track the children’s growth as they grow older. For instance, a six month old kid should be able to respond her / his name and also easily roll over in both the directions.

With proper nutrition and fitness activities, children not only get physically strong, but their psychological growth also sees an upward trend. Proper vaccination schedule and routine medical checkups helps to check the development of a child and also prevent any surprise health upsets. Young children should be thoroughly checked for the following: 

Skin Infections

It is very common to see any rashes or red bumps on a child’s skin. Most of them, such as prickly heat and fifth disease are quite normal and non-problematic; but some of them are definitely worth a concern.

Behavioral Change:

As the child turns 2, brain starts developing all the emotional feelings. It is quite normal for a child in the age group of 5-6 to have mild mood changes. But frequent and severe mood changes may be due to attention lapse and high activity level.

High Fever

Any fever accompanied with body temperature greater than 100oC is a matter of concern. The fever may due to a normal throat infection or may be because of typhoid that necessitates hospitalization. Whatever may be the case, it should be clearly brought to the attention of a physician, and self medication is not recommended.

Shortness of Breath

It is a very serious symptom and should never be ignored. The illness can be pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma. No sort of self care medication should be administered and the child should be immediately taken to a physician.

Frequent Sore Throats: 

Sore throats or strep throats are usually considered the same, but it is not so. While the former is due to viral infection, the latter is because streptococcus bacteria. Usually sore throats are self healing and are seldom a cause of worry. 


Children are prone to allergies mainly because of food substances. It can be wheat, soya bean, milk, eggs, berries, nuts, and several other things. While trying out several foods, it is better to give one new food at a time, so as to establish its side effects. As the child grows, most of the allergies also vanish. So, after the age of five, the sidelined food products, that were once causing allergies, can be retried.

Children should be educated at proper age for healthy food habits, dental health, physical activities, effects of bad habits and much more. It is not easy for a child to strictly adhere to the suggested practice of a good habit. Repeated suggestions and advices are the only way out.  For example, to make a child to get rid of nail biting habit, it is necessary for the parent to divert the attention of the child towards an activity that uses both the hands. Parent’s perseverance and patience are keys to better healthier future of the children.