How To Keep Body, Mind & Soul Always Positive

Imhealthist | Sunday 20th of September 2015 11:25:20 AM


We all know about body and mind but have you heard of soul as existing one? Can you identify it? Before getting into it let us see the relationships among them.

            We all know what body is. Our body is made up of different organs for unique functioning. When we say body, we immediately think of hands, legs, head, and other external organs and also we think of heart, brain, kidneys, and other internal organs. We are not discussing about the functioning of our body but how these can be controlled by our mind and soul.

            When we say about mind we always think about emotions and feelings. We have tons of emotions to express and hide. We laugh, cry, love or hate someone, want to take revenge, feel depressed, and are stressed about life. Can you control these emotions? If you can, then you are paving way for a healthier life.  If not, the mental problems will also affect our physical health. The imbalance between mind and action creates many problems.

            Then what is soul? It is our sub conscious mind. It is where we think about many things. The deep inner feeling may be positive or negative that actually defines our personality.  The soul also has emotions, feelings like fear, happy, love, and everything.  As the soul is highly active, a sort of deep sense of activity continuously happens during the process of life. This soul helps in self realization. Have you ever wondered why do you have a gut feeling about an incident that has no logical reasons or flash of thought about something to happen defying the rationale behind it? To put it simple – these are the voices of soul.

            Controlling and maintaining balance between body, mind, and soul is the real secret behind a healthier life. A holistic way of approach towards diseases can do wonders in improvement of health rather than medications.

How to Strike a Balance


            Yoga poses involve mind and body coordination and through meditation control over soul can be achieved. This helps complete balance between body, mind, and soul. Self-realization is achieved through meditation which eventually helps in maintaining balance.

Have a Hobby

            Reading, listening to music, gardening, or getting involved in a creative activity, paves a way to be just being you. The mantra is to be unconditionally happy.

Have Fun with Family and Friends

            Plan a trip with family and friends. Camping, trekking along with your loved ones makes you happy and positive energy enters your system.

Good Habits

            Smoking, alcohol, and drugs cause ill effects on health. This causes serious mental disorders apart from affecting the physical health.

Follow Healthy Food Habit

            Avoid junk food and processed food that are loaded with fat, salt, and sugar. This type of food has absolutely nothing to do with positive health. These are converted into toxins and affect our body and brain. It is desirable to have high nutritional value food that actually keeps body healthy, through which mind and soul is also taken care of.

Avoid Negative Thoughts

            Negativity will not achieve anything apart from mental health problems like stress, depression, and anxiety. Positive thoughts and attitudes actually help in managing or curing diseases than medications.

            By striking a good balance among body, mind, and soul, negative aspects such as fear, anger, anxiety, depression, and stress can be drastically decreased. The balance also provides a holistic and healthier life with the ability to withstand both physical and psychological pain.