Best Way To Care Your Baby

Imhealthist | Wednesday 7th of October 2015 12:02:49 PM


With an intention to give the best baby care, every parent tries to gain lot of knowledge both prior and after the arrival of new member of the family. Taking care of new born baby is a challenging task with so many ifs and buts. Various ideas, ranging from the time tested grandmother period to the new era, always confuse the parents. Some of the doubts hovering around the minds of anxious parents are demystified below:

Baby Feeding:

During pregnancy and immediately after the child birth, rich creamy milk called colostrum secretes. This should be fed to the just born as it contains all the required nutrients and antioxidants for nourishment. After few days, body starts to produce the regular milk and it should be fed to the baby. The feeding time may vary from ten to thirty minutes with a frequency of eight to fifteen times a day. The position of the feeding should be comfortable for the baby and if necessary, a support with a cushion or pillow can be provided.

Baby sleep:

It is quite natural for the new born baby to sleep for 16 to 18 hours a day with each stint of sleep averaging around couple of hours. It is really tough time to be awake along with the baby, but after the initial few weeks, babies should be slowly taught about the sleeping pattern. The opinion among the experts is divided about rocking the child while sleeping. But it should be borne in the mind that it is very difficult to make the child get rid of any habit cultivated to them.


There are several schools of thoughts against the usage of diaper. It is absolutely the choice of parents. But it is very essential to use diapers when the child is being taken out of the house – it saves blushes and makes the life easy. It is very important that diapers should be changed after the baby was wetted it. To make life easier, now-a-days diapers with colour indicators for wetness are available.

Oil Massage: 

The scientific verdict clearly says that massaging the baby with oil and lotion does not make them fair. It should be understood that the body colour is a genetically decided factor. However, if the child’s body appears red or blue in colour, it is really a matter of health concern. Experts feel that massaging the body of the child may increase the blood circulation and help in growth of muscles.

Skin Care: 

Baby’s skin is very delicate and careful attention is always required. For the initial few months, it is not even necessary to apply any special cream or lotion on their body. For washing baby’s clothes, special detergents that are fragrance free should be used. It is also strongly advised to separately wash all baby’s clothes, mats, spreads, and bed sheets.

Baby Bath: 

As babies don’t get dirty a lot, it is sufficient to sponge bath thrice a week. Frequent bathing of the child depletes the natural oil that is present in their skin. Bathing period of five minutes along with mild baby soaps are recommended and care should be taken for the water to be luke warm.

Baby Vaccination:          

It is very essential to get the child immunized against all the possible diseases. Depending upon the geographical location of the child, vaccination chart may differ. But whatsoever, vaccination schedules recommended by the pediatricians should be strictly followed. It is always advisable to speak to the doctor about the necessity for any additional vaccines.

The overall health and development of babies depends wholly on the parents. Babies are very sharp learners and in fact, they start learning few things from day one. It is not only essential but it is duty of every parent to strive and give their best efforts in bringing up their children.